Green Power Technologie SAS company is a subsidiary of the Inhusol Group.
We are the official partner of HUAWEI, since 2014.
Established in 2009, our company has...

A team with great experience

We guarantee you an optimal quality of service and a real added value. We have experience on projects ranging from a few KW to several hundred MW

A solid financial base

To ensure finances and a healthy cash flow, the Inhusol group we belong to, adopts a risk diversification strategy by diversifying the types of investment, financing, but also the beneficiaries.
We support you on your search for investors.

An International Network

We are present on the international market, and accompany all our partners and customers worldwide with our HUAWEI PV inverters :
- North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt)
- Eastern Europe (Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary) and the South (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Malta)
- South America (Brazil, Mexico).

An unrivaled reactivity

We are able to deliver anywhere in Europe in less than 6 working days and anywhere in France in less than 72 Hours

Predominant human values

Listening and advising are part of our values, to offer you the best solution for your project

And the positioning of HUAWEI as a strong partner in France, the USA and Africa

Thanks to this unique positioning (single-brand Stockist / Wholesaler, single-product), we are not in competition with any distributor

Our mission

What ?

- Establish and develop international distributors
- Develop and support EPC Contractors
- Develop and support installers through our distribution network
- Accompany the 'developers' (design office)
- Provide financing solutions through our investors

We provide business development of HUAWEI on different continents :

- Africa
- Europe
- South America

How (Our assets) ?

By offering our customers added value in their HUAWEI's inverters' experience.
HUAWEI Is the worldwilde leader of inverters' manufacturers and its inverters can adapt very easily to any difficulty encountered.

1/ We are the only ones able to adjust the tension and regulate voltage drops
2/ Our inverters are the only ones in the world that can be used in extreme conditions
3/ Our inverters are the most efficient on the market - kiloWattsol's report
4/ In terms of competitiveness, we are the most aggressive in the market
5/ Present in 170 countries, our after sales service is exceptional
6/ HUAWEI's Bankability

Our Products Our services